Tools used to create Open Space

Word Press site and blog tool


No 8 in the 100 Tools for learning 2015

Hosting site which hosts blogs for free.

Easy to use and set up. Some restrictions on features when using the free package.

Can be used to reflect on informal or formal learning activities.


Enables anybody to set up their own blogging site.

Can capture the details of activities.

Through the comments may also be used to stimulate scholarly activity of others.

The action of reflecting on activities can in itself stimulate more scholarly activity.



No 1 in the 100 Tools for learning 2015

Networking which enables you to keep up to date with your connections.


Open space shows the last two tweets.

Option to tweet on front page and  can easily follow to the person to see more.

Can stimulate activity by following people with the same scholarly interests.

Can capture as is record of engagement with a community outside of an organisation.



No 42 in the 100 Tools for learning 2015

Social Bookmarking which enables links to be stored for future use.


Acts as an online library or resources

It stimulates activity by grouping together in one place links and tagging them for future reference.

Google Docs


No 4 in the 100 Tools for learning 2015

Can be used to create documents, forms or spread sheets. Can be shared by links. A variety of access settings e.g. read only or read/write.


One document can be set up and shared to many who can collaborate within the same document, thus stimulating and capturing activity.


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