Moodle rediscovered (thank you Moodlecloud!)

It’s been several years since I have developed anything using Moodle, mainly due to being in a non teaching role.

Returning to a teaching/assessing role has been great, however, qualifications move on and I am once again building resources and activities for my learners.

I have been allocated a group of learners who are part way through their qualification and struggling with gathering evidence for communicating via the internet.

I am also looking at learning design and narratives as part of my H800 OU module and thought it would be useful to view this activity as part of a learning design narrative.   My learning design narrative is available on cloudworks.  Here contains some screen shots of my initial activities and feedback from the learners who have been kindly testing this out for me.

Five Activities created in the module

using the internet

Example of a forum post which included inserting a picture

forum picture


Feedback results

feedback results




One response

  1. Hi Anita, looking at your blog overall, I like how you incorporate Twitter and Diigo. I look forward to reading more of your H800 posts 🙂


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